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This site has been established in order to develop my writing skills in different languages and talk about things that I find interesting. This blog usually updates twice a week, but I haven’t found a regular update schedule yet concerning days. Usually there’s one in the first half of the week and one in the second half of the week. The languages that appear here can be of various nature, but they are usually not English (and also not Dutch very often, my native language). I don’t really pick them at random, I just go with what I feel like. Sometimes you may see a particular string of articles in a certain language just because I hired a private tutor for a few lessons to improve a certain language.

Common languages you will find here are Russian, French and Swedish (they’re the languages I know the best in terms of writing). That’s not to say you will not see other languages. Romanian and German are also bound to occur at some point. If it’s in one of these, the quality is bound to be higher than in anything else (such as Portuguese or Greek or whatever else you may come across).

Yes, I plan to write in more obscure languages, so if you love Breton please do stop by.



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