Satanic Invocation

From the depths of Hades,
Raise the skeletons of Hell!
From the catacombs of fire,
Let them run free! Let them run wild!
Draw the marrow from the tombs,
and let skulls drink from the wombs!

Spawned by the virgin cunt,
We begat Jesus, the godless runt,
Stunted and covered in blood!
Show his filthy arms and legs!
Show his eyes! Show his ears!
Drape him in snakes and set him free!

A hymn to the spirit and father
We sing to and with our hearts!
Dies irae, dies culpae hominum!
Rid us of faith, of blind credence!
Rid us of the dominance of man
Led by the power of the weaker sex!

A hymn to Sathanas the Lord
Father, Mother and Child in one!
Blow your trumpets, fallen angels,
For he is come to us once more!
Dies irae, dies culpae hominum!
Let the reckoning of the pious commence!

Let dark men be his soldiers
Let dark women be his heralds
Let the crows fly over the land
O Father ! O Mother! O Child !
And bring tidings of his return,
Together we rule as the New Order!

O Father ! O Mother ! O Child !
Judean trumpets have blown your name!
Hora nobis venit, hora nobis est!
The godless runt has stained the soil!
And we spread his entrails around,
Thus the New Order of Man has come!


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