A lonely boat drifts along a empty shoreline
The wooden wharf hangs in the sea with despair
A broken plank, moss on the sides of your shoes
I guess you would step into the waves’ cold wash
And I watched the pier crumble from the coast.

I remember we could share dreams and hopes
Paint our nails in black and white like Celts
You would sing and I would play cold guitar
A lonely voice harmonising for two lost girls
And maybe we’d strike a chord in lonely hearts…

The thunderstorm raged on between the flashes
The lighthouse coded a last warning in the dusk
A spring storm is coming but you never listened
You wanted our songs to be carried on the wind
A pity all we heard were your screams in the flood

Somewhere a lonely boat floats on the fading drift
Your body bobbing next to a fisherman’s ragged net
The sister I never had speaks to whales in the sea
In the flotsam and jetsam of a cold spring breeze
But you will always be my little stepsister to me.


Om joannavanschaik

Science communication graduate. Music, poetry, literature, travel, science and language collide in this blog.
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