Delays and apologies

I’ve currently been very busy at work, and as you may know my access to things that are western can be spotty, even behind the security of a VPN. So I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to update this blog as regularly as I would like, especially since I want to write quality articles based on research I’ve done in my free time, novels I’ve read, or experiences I’ve had. Because I write these articles in foreign languages most of the time, they take more time for me to write and correct (because obviously it’s not the same as writing in your mother tongue or at least a language you’ve been speaking all your life).

However, I have the following planned for the coming weeks, so please look out for it when it comes online;

– something in Russian about azotosomes (methane-based cells), and life on other celestial bodies (mainly referring to Titan here with its large quantity of organic compounds).
– Something in Italian about The Little Prince and romanticism.
And hopefully something in Chinese or Greek.


Om joannavanschaik

Science communication graduate. Music, poetry, literature, travel, science and language collide in this blog.
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