Fireworks and Empty Streets

I see the world through a seventh-floor window,
Flashing in colours of red and neon green light,
If not for the roars of exploding fireworks,
Forsaken streets would bask in a silent night.

Not a soul found in the way of my destiny,
A fate far away from hearthfire and home,
Please let me bleed – let me struggle,
Let me fight in vain against how I’ve grown.

Every corner of my mind is fixed on you,
Everything you said flashing by one last time,
Over, done and dusted, or so we guess,
Perhaps the decision was never really mine.

A room basking in a silent night is not a sin,
Just an acknowledgement of how wrong I’ve been.
I can feel the desire to slip under the covers,
Taking over within the corners of my mind unseen.

Lost without comforting words is truly lost,
And a thousand miles away a thousand more to go.
I don’t want to go home, and leave fireworks behind
I don’t want to return across these empty tarmac roads.

Leave me – leave me alone! I’m not going away,
I’ll breathe until my dying day and rebound,
A stranger in a strange land may be lost for a day,
But don’t be a stranger to those around; you’ll be found.


Om joannavanschaik

Science communication graduate. Music, poetry, literature, travel, science and language collide in this blog.
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