This blog: what it is and what it does. And what it does not do.

This is a blog. Everyone has a blog now, even I used to have a blog (way back in the day) but considering I never updated that thing, I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf (electronically speaking). So, you may ask, what am I going to blog about? Because everyone has already written about something, so my particular insights are not going to keep my readership tuned to my every post, waiting with drool dripping from their open jaws to read whatever (dare I say ”very intelligent”? Or is that too much honour?) thing I have come up with to rant about. So the answer is; I’ll just write what is on my mind, and you’re going to read whatever is on my mind here, okay? (You could stop here, but you would be missing out on a life’s worth of amusement. And that’s not just because of the inevitable typos).

You see, this is a special log. It’s a polyglot log. So what that means is that this log will have entries in languages that are something other than English. The reason that I have chosen to do this is manifold. But I will list a few, for your convenience:

  • English is boring. Everyone writes in English, even if they can’t speak English. I can speak English (you’re still reading this, aren’t you?), but I am bored of writing in English, so I’ll write in something else. And that can be anything, but primarily another language that I speak well. So keep the petitions for me to write something in Ainu for another day, because when I learn to speak Ainu, you’ll be the first to know about it… if you keep reading this blog, right here. That’s right. You.
  • People have told me that I am a polyglot. So it’s a polyglot blog, right? Ok, maybe it’s not. But the truth is that it’s good to write in another language in order to practice that language. And the other truth is that perfection in my other languages (besides English and Dutch) is a long way away. But somehow, I deem myself qualified to butcher the languages I have a reasonable command of and use them to mark down my ideas here. And I didn’t get a diploma from your nearest language school (yet, in some cases), so no, I don’t want to hear about how I did not conjugate every verb correctly or how I misused some particular idiom and how in turn that will cause the Polyglot Police to revoke my Polyglot Licence. Such a thing does not exist. I’m a human being with a limited ability to express myself in a number of languages, and this human being is going to err (on the wrong side of caution more often than the right one!) If I’m writing in a language I am particularly bad at, be sure that I went to the trouble of checking my thoughts with a particularly qualified native speaker who is particularly able to point out my mistakes and align my thoughts to be more in line (or in some cases, less in line) with reality. So yes, you’ll see some mistakes, and if they’re egregious, drop me a line with some corrections, but this is a polyglot blog and it will remain a polyglot blog.
  • This blog is most patently not about language learning itself as the main topic. Sure, that’s an interesting topic and I do have insights to add to the general discussion, but it is not everything that I do. Part of my interest with this blog is to write about other things in life and show that polyglots are not genetically engineered geniuses drowned in  some chemical substance at birth, but that languages are a human construct and are vehicles of communication between human beings. And by writing about everything else in all the languages of the world, I represent a human being with a particular set of experiences who wants to document some of his thoughts to the world.

Who am I, to foist all this writing upon you like the gentle soul I am? I am Joanna, recently obtained the ripe old age of a quarter century, and I’m an aspiring traveller, science communicator by degree, language enthusiast, nerd and amateur rock musician who is going to share insights on all of these topics. Maybe they’ll be interesting; maybe they won’t, but I sure as hell want to share them with you here and you are welcome to stay on this page for continued reading – if you’re ready to follow my thoughts on Ender’s Game in Romanian, of course. 😀


Om joannavanschaik

Science communication graduate. Music, poetry, literature, travel, science and language collide in this blog.
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2 kommentarer till This blog: what it is and what it does. And what it does not do.

  1. DLuca skriver:

    Hoi, Joanna! Ik vind jouw website heel interessant en nu hebt je mijn de motivatie gegeven, een blog te schrijven. Ik wil ook dat maken wat jij hier makt: over verschillenden dingen in meerdere talen schrijven.
    Wij zien ons aan de polyglot vergadering! Doei!
    D. Luca


  2. JarptitsaKuikentje skriver:

    Hoi Joanna,

    They’ve banned me now on the forum on Christmas Eve without explanation at all. I discovered when I tried to log in to wish some people happy christmas.

    It’s the secret, hidden ban and I don’t know why. But I do know when I am not wanted, and I wasn’t going to return after the previous ban, but I did.

    This time i won’t. It’s too hurtful to be banned this way, while they find themself so perfect and great and find me stupid only worth to be banned and not wanted there.

    Joanna you were always nice and fair, and honest. I trust you and i can’t trust many people. I wish you very, veyr good things and health, love, happiness, and acceptance, if those are your wishes and hopes.




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